Thursday, 22 October 2020

ShortBox Comics Fair: rundown of what will be available

Hello all,  

It's the ShortBox Comics Fair this weekend, and as promised, here's some details on what we'll be selling- I know some of you are looking to get your hands on specific books and prints, so I've tried to pull together a breakdown of what's available, quantities, and special offers. I've kept the list mostly to books and prints that will be added to the site especially for the comics fair- obviously, all our titles will be up in the webshop as usual.  

Out of print/dinged books:  

  • The Whipping Girl by Nuria Tamarit: 7 copies £5
  • Pingu zine: 3 copies £8
  • What Is Left by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell: 20 copies £5
  • The Tar Pit by Jeremy Sorese: 17 copies £10
  • A Hollowing by Sloane Leong: 5 copies £5
  • The Ghosts We Are and the Ghosts We Will Become by Kiku Hughes: 3 copies £5
  • Fish Flake by Seekan Hui: 3 copies £5
  • Critical Chips 2: 40 copies £7 (this is a particularly nifty deal: 120 full colour pages, with 56 pages of comics from Richie Pope, Molly Mendoza, Carta Monir, Wren McDonald, Casey Nowak)
  • What Are You Thinking About? by Anatola Howard: 8 copies £7
  • Hot Summer Nights by Freddy Carrasco 7 copies £13 each (limited SB x Peow variant edition)
  • John Wick zine: 40 copies £6
  • Sketches zine by Jonatha Djob Nkondo: 10 copies £1

ShortBox A4 limited edition prints:


More offers:

  • Jon McNaught exclusive print. Jon has kindly created a print just for the SB comics fair- a limited riso run of 50- these will be given to the first 50 orders of over £50 (not including shipping).
  • Michael DeForge enamel pins £4 each (normally £8 and £9, respectively)
  • Choo pin, foil emboss print, and sticker pack will be available in the webshop for the first time
  • The Real Folk Blues £11 (normally £18)
  • Boogsy, Visiting, Pass the Baton, Stoke, Cat and Bag, Conan Turtlepack's Day Out, The River Bank, After Laughter, and more, all on special prices
  • last chance to get: Did You See Me, Summer Break, and Wiz & Pig- we only have around 20 copies each of these left, and won't be reprinting them

20% discount happy hours  
On both Saturday and Sunday, between 5-6pm UK time, there will be a 20% discount on everything in the store. Please note that prices will revert to normal during the happy hours. So, if a book is normlly priced £7 but is on offer for £5, during happy hour it will revert to its normal price of £7, and the 20% discount will be then applied. Just quite simply because we can't afford to do discount upon discount.

All orders will ship from the UK between November 1-14th. All sales are final.  

Thank you for all your support, and in advance for your patience- I'm only 1 person running this whole thing and will do my best to keep on top of everything.