Monday, 18 July 2016

ShortBox 2: pre-orders now live

We are thrilled to announce we're back with ShortBox #2, the finest independent comics box in the land. It's honestly very exciting (and quite a bit of a relief!) to finally be able to share with you what we've been working away on the past few months. For box 2, we have 4 *brand new* comics making their debut: books that will be available first only in ShortBox, before going on general release at a later date. There's also a new printing of a sold-out comic, an exclusive A4 print, and a limited edition handmade, felt pin.

Beginning today, we are opening pre-orders for ShortBox #2, containing all the items listed below (and some sweets- we got you). Pre-orders will run for 10 days, until midnight on July 27th, and buying one guarantees you'll receive a box. We had quite a few people disappointed at not being able to snag themselves a box, so this allows us to overcome that, and better gauge the quantities needed. We will be fulfilling all pre-orders placed, and then producing a limited number of boxes in addition, to go on 'first come, first served' sale in September. Finally, we're pleased to now offer shipping to anywhere in the world (read more about this on the 'where do you ship to?' section on the 'About' page)- the abysmal value of the pound should help mitigate matters quite a bit, so take advantage!

Without further ado, here's what you'll find in ShortBox #2:

  • Diana's Electric Tongue  by Carolyn Novak. 70 pages. Full colour. ShortBox special cover. Set in a lush, cosy future, Diana makes a bold attempt to move on after a difficult break-up. View preview pages here.
  • Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore. 24 pages. Black and white. Landscape. Sharp, informed social commentary in the form of  an open letter on race and being black in America. View preview pages here.
  • Food Baby by Lucie Bryon. 42 pages. Full colour. A compilation of comics about food, illustrated recipes, and tips about cooking, from someone who once made a potato catch on fire. View preview pages here.
  • Heavy Air by Lizzy Stewart. 30 pages. Full colour. Summer is drawing to a close and a storm hangs low in the air. The estate seems electric, there's something foreboding in the alleyway and a fox lays dying in the park. Sometimes it feels like the end of the world and sometimes it doesn't. View preview pages here.
  • 'T' by Bailey Sharp. 44 pages. Black and white. An ambiguous text message ruins a high school girl's lunch period. View preview pages here.
  • Lisa Hanawalt A4 print. Full colour.  Exclusive to ShortBox.
  • Pak choi pal by Honey Parast. Individually handmade felt pak choi pins- limited edition design produced for the box.

Pre-order ShortBox 2 here.

Cover designs shown are not necessarily final. We'll be sharing in-progress shots of Lisa's print  over the next few days, before revealing it in full, as well as glimpses of interior pages and other snippets; the best way to keep up with those updates is to follow the ShortBox Twitter.

More information on ShortBox can be found on the 'about' page up top. For any queries, you can contact us at


  1. The short box is always such a treat to have. The element of mystery and surprise that comes with not knowing whats in the box only makes it more intriguing.

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