Monday, 21 November 2016

Announcing ShortBox #3

Hello everyone!

We're absolutely delighted to reveal the line-up for ShortBox #3, which is now available for pre-order. I'm especially excited with how this one has come together, as *everything* contained within is brand new work commissioned specifically for the box. That means we're publishing 5 debuting comic books from Bianca Bagnarelli, Nuria Tamarit, K.L. Ricks, Seekan Hui, and Molly Mendoza, a fantastic new art zine from Sophie Franz, and a stunning print by Eleanor Davis. Below you'll find further information on each item, as well as cover and interior page images for all the books. I've linked artists names to their respective website/blogs, and I really recommend clicking through and becoming more acquainted with the super work on display- one of my primary objectives with ShortBox is simply to act as the bridge between your eyeballs and some amazing art.

A couple of technical details: boxes will ship in early February 2017. If you're thinking that seems a little way off, there's a reason for that: usually we run pre-orders 4-5 weeks prior to the box release, however, we're running them a bit earlier this time around as otherwise the pre-order period would fall in December -a month we know is busy for lots of people. So, here we are! Pre-orders are up now, and will run for 10 days until midnight on 30th November. As ever, I'd like to reiterate if you are interested in getting yourself a ShortBox, buying a pre-order is the sure-fire way to go about it. We do make a few extra boxes to go on general sale in February, but it is a small amount and something we're still looking at in terms of how viable it is. A reminder that we ship worldwide (once you add a box to your cart, it should provide you with a drop-down menu to select the country of your choice).

10% of all ShortBox profits will go to Standing Rock and their 'No DAPL' fund. 'Giving back' sounds rather glib, but I've been looking for ways in which I can do more socially, beyond an individual scale of how I conduct myself/treat other people, beyond what I do with regards to putting out (or facilitating) art. ShortBox releases quarterly, so for each box we release from here on, we hope to contribute in a small way by pledging to different organisations and causes we believe in.

We now have a ShortBox Instagram here (I promise it'll get lively soon with peeks and goings ons), and you can let us bother you on Twitter, too.

Daughters by Bianca Bagnarelli. 28 pages, colour. 'In a tired, deserted city, a man can't stop thinking back to his past, while his daughters must take a difficult decision that will forever change their future.'

The Whipping Girl by Nuria Tamarit. 36 pages, colour. 'Agape has spent her whole life serving the Royal House; in particular the pristine Prince Dalibor, untouchable by divine law  and answerable only to his father. When the King, after several years travelling, returns to the palace, Agape seizes the chance to escape to the dark woods, where things may not be much better... '

Aoife & Maebh by K.L. Ricks. 32 pages, black and white. 'Sisters Aoife and Maebh Goodman find themselves tangled up in mysterious goings-ons in their college town.'

Fish Flake by Seekan Hui40 pages, black and white. ShortBox exclusive cover. 'A muddy pedalo ride sends three lumpy kids off course, but maybe a change of scenery is what they needed after all.'

The Worst by Molly Mendoza. 36 pages, colour. 'A friendship gone awry. The Worst examines the struggles involved in separating from a toxic person and the specific challenges and emotions involved in that breaking away.'

Dino-Mom concept art zine by Sophie Franz. 16 pages, wraparound french-flap covers, colour.

'At the pool' A4 print by Eleanor Davis. Exclusive to the box.

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