Monday, 15 July 2019

ShortBox #11: a stonker

ShortBox #11 is upon us- and what a box it is! New comic books from Ariel Ries, Lissa Treiman, Jen Lee, Hana Chatani, and a debut work from Michelle Theodore. And to top it all off, a dreamy print by Sara Alfageeh. Stories incorporating fear, friendships, myths, self-neglect, new beginnings and creatures growing inside your teeth...! It's the final box of 2019, and you need it.

A few points to go over, as usual:

  • All the comics and art in the box are brand new works we publish!
  • Pre-orders for the box are open now and will run for a 14 day period, from July 15th to 28th. You buy a pre-order, you get the box- that's it. There's no signing up, and no further commitment.
  • Pre-ordering a box is the *ONLY* way to get a box. We do not remake boxes.
  • This is a *pre-order*. ShortBox #11 will ship throughout September. 
  • We ship worldwide.
  • Domestic shipping rates if you're based in the UK or US, international shipping rates for everywhere else.

'Cry Wolf Girl' by Ariel Ries, colour, spot-gloss cover, perfect-bound, 48pp.
The story goes like this: There was once a girl named Dawa. Having lost her family to sickness, she found herself with an emptiness inside that she did not know how to fill.  Alas, in all her endeavours, nothing she tried ever left her feeling so full as the art -of trickery.

'Minรถtaar' by Lissa Treiman, colour, 40pp.
Dena and Mel embark on a mission of epic proportions: visiting the byzantine halls of IKOS in order to retrieve the flat-pack bookshelf of Dena's dreams -after some meatballs, of course. But something strange is afoot in IKOS' minimally-designed, one-way aisles... Can Dena and Mel, and their friendship, navigate the realm of retail and emerge unscathed?

'Pass the Baton' by Hana Chatani (reads right to left), colour, 40pp.
Returning to her apartment from a visit to the corner store, Noriko spies on a young teen experiencing his first romantic rejection. Years later, their paths cross once again, and the two bond over shared passions, insecurities, and love in its many forms.

'At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk' by Jen Lee, A5 landscape orientation, colour, 36pp.
Part road-trip, part memoir, 'At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk' charts Jen's journey post the end of a long-term relationship as she moves across the country from her farmhouse to a new home and job in the city, while reflecting on the changes and challenges she's faced.

'Cavity' by Michelle Theodore, colour, 60pp.
Elliot's got a cavity. She knows it needs to be seen to, but right now she doesn't have the motivation to book an appointment with the dentist. She doesn't have the motivation to see her friends and family, do the laundry, cook and clean, or do anything much. Meanwhile, the cavity grows... and so does something inside it...

'In the Mountains' box-exclusive, limited edition A4 print by Sara Alfageeh


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