Monday, 25 February 2019

ShortBox #10

It's finally here: ShortBox the TENTH. It's been quite a journey- not only are we 10 boxes in, this May we also celebrate our 3 year anniversary. We've been working our tushes off to pull this one together: a brand new title from the inimitable James Stokoe about a massive crocodile god; our first dedicated all-ages title from the wonderful Jessi Zabarsky, and a risograph-printed mech and alien fight-em-up from Wren McDonald. We're also proud to debut feature-length work from two fantastic fresh cartoonists in Michelle Kwon and Alivia Horsley. And an exclusive, limited edition rainy carpark print from none other than Jon McNaught! As this box is special, we've made the books that bit more special, with metallic foiling, dust-jackets, spot-gloss, and more! 

As ever, a few salient points to go over for readers new and old before we get to the meaty bits:

  • ShortBox is an independent, mail-order comics box that releases twice a year. It is not a subscription service. There is no signing up. It's unique in that the comics contained in the box are ones we publish: brand new releases created especially for the box. You buy a box, and that's that- there's no further commitment to anything else. 
  • Pre-orders will run for a 14-day period. That begins today and ends at midnight on 10th March. This is the only way to get the box. We don't remake boxes. You can order the box here.
  • The box will ship in April. Depending on where you live in the world, your box can take anything from 2 days to 8 weeks to get to you once it has been shipped. 
  • We ship worldwide!
  • A *VERY IMPORTANT* point for anyone based in North America: no more international shipping rates! Your orders will now be shipped from our US fulfilment centre. 

To the box!!

Exclusive A4 static-cling PVC poster

Sobek by James Stokoe, foil emboss cover, 36pp, full-colour, oversized. 
Life is pretty good being a gigantic crocodile god: spend your days lazing on the riverbeds of the Nile while your devotees shower praise and juicy offerings upon you. But Sobek's idyll is broken and he must limber into action when a distraught priest relays news of affront and vandalism from the followers of Set.  An all-new, unmissable stunner from James Stokoe. This book comes with an exclusive static-cling A4 PVC poster (coloured but transparent, to be stuck on surfaces), which will be only be available via the box.

Visiting by Alivia Horsley, dust jacket cover, 42pp, full-colour.
Dylan has been preparing for a visit to her beloved Auntie. Moments together are precious, and lots of time spent reminiscing, eating, gardening. All the while, Dylan's trying to build up the courage to ask Auntie a big question on behalf of her mum, even as she wrestles with the idea of it herself.

Resort on Caelum by Wren McDonald. risograph printed, 32pp.
Tobin is one of a group of fresh new recruits landing on Caelum working for Sinensis to build a new resort on the planet, and he's excited to meet the fighter mech-pilots he idolises and to become one himself. Until it comes to battle, and it's not clear what exactly they're fighting, and why... 
(This print run of Resort on Caelum will be exclusive to ShortBox #10 only)

Boogsy by Michelle Kwon, spot gloss cover, 58pp, perfect bound.
Does sticky have to be icky? Mac's at one of life's dead-ends: no job, no motivation, no idea about what to do, and living at her twin sister's place while she (sort of) tries to figure it out. Into this picture arrives Boogsy- a boyfriend made up entirely of her apparently sentient boogers. The two instantly embark on a relationship, and, it seems, down a path of further self-destructive behaviours. 

Two of Us by Jessi Zabarsky, 44pp, full-colour. 
Febry has always wanted to be just like their enchantress mother: using magic to help people and do neat things, and going to magic school is a much-anticipated first step towards that. Febry's mum, long fascinated with the mundane world, has enrolled Febry to mundane school, much to their horror. Can the two worlds meet, or more pertinently, can the mundane world handle Febry.... ShortBox is proud to present our very first dedicated, all-ages title by the wonderful Jessi Zabarksy!

'Rainy Day' by Jon McNaught. A4 print with silver foiling, exclusive to box only.

Order ShortBox #10 here.


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